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28 Jan 2023


At the intersection of food, racism, health, and culture in the Black community you find the table. We will be joined by a panel of experts to discuss those topics. Let's come together to learn, discuss, and create change!


The event will be available online and there are limited seats available to join us in person.

Sign up is below.


We hope you'll join us At The Table.

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Nina Carr

Nina Carr is a Public Health Educator, Nutritionist, Film Producer and Native of San Antonio's east side. She is also the Founder of Amarna Nutrition & Wellness and Owner of Amarna & Co LLC. She began her career in healthcare at the age of 16 working as a hospital ward clerk while attending high school and completing college credit before graduating in the top 10% of her class. In 2015 she co-executive produced Out of Darkness, a documentary film featuring the cast of Dr Umar Johnson,Anthony Browder, Kaba Kamene, Claud Anderson and others. Out of Darkness is a 3 part documentary that examines the untold history of African people and the African cultural contribution to the nations of the world. However, It was the early exposure to healthcare that helped her realize her passion of helping people at an early age and wanting to make a difference in the lives of others, especially those of minority background whom she saw needed the most help. She went on to pursue her undergraduate education in Nutrition at the University of the Incarnate Word followed by her 2nd undergraduate degree in Public Health at the University of Texas at Arlington and Most recently her graduate degree, an MBA in HealthCare Administration from the University of Texas at Rio Grande. Today she has a thriving clinic on the northwest side of San Antonio. Amarna Nutrition & Wellness helps its clients meet their health and nutrition goals. It doesn't matter if you want to lose 10 lbs, become cpr certified, learn more about nutrition or reverse type 2 diabetes because  Amarna Nutrition & Wellness is recognized by the CDC for its Type 2 Diabetes program.  Amarna houses an in-house Laboratory for which Nina is the Director and will soon have 2 new Physicians on staff to help facilitate the clinic's weight loss and wellness program. 

Rockie Gilford

Rockie is an artist, engineer, herbalist, urban land steward who is currently a board member of the Food Policy Council of San Antonio. She is active in the community around education, local agriculture, cultural arts and has sat on the board for several organizations focused on local civic engagement, mentoring, sustainability, farming and building stronger resilient local food systems through food sovereignty.  She is a Soul Fire Farm Immersion alumni and currently a A National Land Fellow working to bridge the gap on land access for BIPOC farmers advocating for recommendations to the 2023 Farm Bill. She started Mawe Apothecary "Our Mother's Way" as a microbatch community based herbal apothecary and clinic. Mawe Apothecary celebrates the land by honoring traditions, cultural stories and spiritual ways of plant medicine through high quality, hand crafted botanicals and currently working towards her clinical registration and certification. Rockie is a certified tea sommelier and she currently teaches herbalism through several online programs and in-person workshops. 

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Dr. Jasmine Harris

Dr. Jasmine L. Harris is Associate Professor and Coordinator of the African-American Studies Program in the Department of Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at the University of Texas, San Antonio. Dr. Harris completed her Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota in 2013. Her research examines Black life in predominately white spaces, including Black students at PWIs, Black DI football and men's basketball players at universities in the Power 5 conferences, and Black sociologists producing knowledge in a white-dominated discipline. Dr. Harris has been published in major newspapers across the country, including The Washington Post, the Houston Chronicle, and the Chicago Tribune. In 2021, she was featured in the Vice News documentary, "College Sports, Inc." Represented by The Howland Literary Agency in New York City, her forthcoming book, is a lead title from Broadleaf Books for publication in Spring 2024.

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